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Every FortiGate physical interface has two MAC addresses: the current hardware address and the permanent hardware address. The permanent hardware address cannot be changed, it is the actual MAC address of the interface hardware. The current hardware address can be changed. The current hardware address is the address seen by the network. For a FortiGate not operating in HA, you can use the following command to change the current hardware address of the port1 interface:. The macaddr option is not available for a functioning cluster. This command displays hardware information for the specified interface.

Depending on their hardware configuration, this command may display different information for different interfaces. For some interfaces the current hardware address is displayed as MAC.

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The command displays a great deal of information about the interface so you may have to scroll the output to find the hardware addresses. Before HA configuration the current and permanent hardware addresses are the same. A network may experience packet loss when two FortiGate HA clusters have been deployed in the same broadcast domain. Deploying two HA clusters in the same broadcast domain can result in packet loss because of MAC address conflicts.

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The packet loss can be diagnosed by pinging from one cluster to the other or by pinging both of the clusters from a device within the broadcast domain. This section describes a topology that can result in packet loss, how to determine if packets are being lost, and how to correct the problem by changing the HA Group ID. The topology below shows two clusters. In this topology the broadcast domain could be an internal network. Both clusters could also be connected to the Internet or to different networks.

If the network is experiencing packet loss, it is possible that you will not notice a problem unless you are constantly pinging both HA clusters.

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During normal operation of the network you also might not notice packet loss because the loss rate may not be severe enough to timeout TCP sessions. Also many common types if TCP traffic, such as web browsing, may not be greatly affected by packet loss. However, packet loss can have a significant effect on real time protocols that deliver audio and video data.

To test for packet loss you can set up two constant ping sessions, one to each cluster. If packet loss is occurring the two ping sessions should show alternating replies and timeouts from each cluster. If two HA clusters with the same virtual MAC address are connected to the same broadcast domain L2 switch or hub , the MAC address will conflict and bounce between the two clusters. All Rights Reserved.

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If you agree to them, the service is activated. After that, every time a website requests geolocation information, Opera tells you and gives you the choice to send or not send your location data.

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The exact way that geolocation works depends on the device, and its way of connecting to the Internet. To determine the location of a laptop or other wireless device, Opera may additionally send the following data from nearby Wi-Fi access points:.

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A database of known Wi-Fi access points, along with the measured signal strength, makes it possible to give rather precise location information. The success of this method depends largely on the concentration of known access points. If the device is connected to a mobile telephone network, location data may include the cell IDs for the cell towers closest to you, along with their signal strength. In what follows, we refer to this data as the location data. Name TMACv6. Enhanced network configuration presets with IPv6 support allow you to quickly switch between network configurations.

Allows complete configuration of any network adapter.

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Command line options with entire software functionality available. You can select a preset from specified preset file to apply directly.

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How Does It Work? Select the adapter you want to change the MAC address.