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Background Applications You may also encounter problems due to applications running in the background on your computer system.

Ports Needed To Run Far Cry 3

When playing Ubisoft games, please be sure to close all running background applications before starting your game. You can find the steps for this listed below. If you don't see this, make sure you've clicked on General near the top of the window. Try running the game again. If the game loads and seems to be working, the problem is most likely related to one or more programs you have scheduled to load with Windows.

Far Cry 3 [UPDATED ] - The Porting Team

If you continue to have trouble, please contact your ISP or network administrator for details on any specific restrictions on the previously mentioned network ports. Associated Platforms PC. Thanks for your feedback. Sorry that didn't help.

DOWNLOAD Far Cry 3 MAC & PC 2019(Updated)

Please submit a support ticket and tell us how we can help you. Here are some English FAQs that may help:. But again, I don't expect a response from ubisoft, nor an improvment of the situation. Maybe i just wanted people to know that there are mac users, that they would gladly wait a couple of weeks or pay extra money to get good mac versions.

But i guess making money for a lot of PC users is worth screwing over mac players. A mac player, sad to see that good quality games are lost for 66 million mac users. PS: Got to ubi.

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The category "Mac" doesn't even exist Reply Share this post. Nonetheless i still forget it from time to time.


Hi there, As a Mac user, I can understand your frustration - however I'm sorry to say, only certain titles have made the jump to the platform. If there is a game which you wish to play the best course of action, is using boot camp - which if set up correctly is totally safe - check www. I will see if there is any news on forthcoming titles making it to OSX - however I can't promise I will get an answer - since most of teh new titles are still months away from release. Bootcamp is in my opinion not the solution. It's like saying that your car runs on diesel but since there is no diesel i'll install pedals on it!

I like playing on mac because it keeps the system files "cleaner" for instance. But what I don't get, and was the original purpose of my comment, is that games that have been gone for months if not years like Revelations are still not out I'm not even asking for the recent ones but something like Revelations or Far Cry 3 that have been out for more than six months we haven't have ANY info n it.

Originally Posted by Drumsandsail Go to original post. And when they get them they rant for patches because those are ports or all bugged!! By the way, there is bound to be a bunch of comparison articles or videos around on the internet. Gamespot probably did one as well. Have a look and you can see for yourself. Far Cry 3 is just as good of a port, if not better, than Sleeping Dogs. The game runs great and looks amazing. I've played it on Xbox too. PC version looks much better. Look up some comparisions online, you'll see it.

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Looks beautiful and is well optimized on pc but has some game breaking bugs. I'd suggest holding off until they release some patches. I have reached a point where I am almost done with the game but can't progress any further because the camera and rock throwing function broke.

The mission requires I use the in game camera :. Prexxus I forgot you can throw rocks in this game. Pretty useless when you got a silenced pistol to just headshot everyone with :P.

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That's not true at all. There are missions that require stealth in which you aren't allowed to kill anyone.

diana116.ru/includes/chaves/1978-porno-onlayn-seks.php Also if you are trying to take an outpost, silenced weapons don't help if the other guards see someone get shot in the head. They'll still trigger the alarm regardless of whether they hear the shot or not. Rocks let you lure individuals away from the group so you can take them down.

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They were developed for PC at the same time and it shows in both. The PC versions of each of these games are excellent. It's up there with Just Cause 2 Awesome port, runs like butter on most modern machines, looks great.