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I don't need that right now," the Rostrum Records rapper explained. The focus then turned to another subject matter which Mac has grown more familiar with since Blue Slide Park : drugs. Although Mac says he's cleaned up, he still admits he loves drugs, and goes on to discuss molly and the controversy surrounding Rick Ross ' line in "U.

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I did get clean, but I love drugs. I'm just saying, be smart about it. I think when I was in to the lean heavy, I think what it was is that it created this numbness which I liked. I was 19 years old and I was the CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation.

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I've like, got people with families depending on me. Like, fuck dude.

Mac Miller: Watching Movies With The Sound Off | Surviving the Golden Age

The numbness thing was like I was going through a lot of relationship issues, going through a bunch of different shit so I just kind of wanted to just like, shut it all out. If you have sex on molly, it's consensual.

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  • Mac Miller: Watching Movies With the Sound Off – review.
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  • Like, they were calling molly this date-rape drug and shit -- it's not a date-rape drug. I don't even like to have sex when I roll. If I'm rolling and I'm with a girl, I'm much more likely to have a good conversation.

    Mac Miller: Watching Movies With The Sound Off

    For real. Check out the full interview here. By Rose Lilah.

    Even so, Miller proved a hit on the underaged weekend warrior circuit, and despite a withering critical reception, his debut album Blue Slide Park became the first independent hip-hop album to top the Billboard charts in nearly twenty years. Things got knotty for Mac just as quickly as he took off, though. Miller also ran into threats of litigation from hip-hop producer Lord Finesse, who says his production was used without permission on a popular mixtape cut, and Donald Trump, who came calling after a single named after him racked up millions of views on YouTube.

    Mac Miller Talks Different Approach With "Watching Movies With The Sound Off" & Molly

    Watching Movies with the Sound Off reintroduces Mac Miller as a druggy philosopher on the mic and a left field talent behind the boards. Lengthy passages of stately, ephemeral soundscapes give Watching Movies the feel of a quixotic vision quest with Miller playing the role of the wizened sherpa.

    Mac Miller - Live From Space Full Album

    The hazy sprawl of Watching Movies also gives Mac a chance to dart outside the boundaries of hip-hop a little.