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Data Analysis ToolPak is an Excel add-in that helps develop complex statistical or engineering analyses. You provide the data and parameters for each analysis, and the tool uses the appropriate statistical or engineering macro functions to calculate and display the results in an output table. Some tools generate charts in addition to output tables. When building Office for Mac, one of our key objectives was to make it as easy as possible to transition from using Office for Windows to using Office for Mac and back again. If you want to clear the content of the selected cell or range, just press the delete key.

This even works on your Mac laptops, where delete is actually the backspace key. Some popular shortcut keys are listed below; a complete list can be found here. If you want to customize a keyboard shortcut, you can refer to the steps in this article: Create a custom keyboard shortcut for Office for Mac.

We worked hard to ensure your workbook is compatible and works seamlessly across platforms as often as possible.

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Say goodbye to having to use third party drivers before connecting to external data in Excel for Mac. Find out how to change the default save type in Excel for Mac if you would prefer to save as an. Disclaimer: Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site. Store Categories Programs Reviews Devices. Step 1: Open Microsoft Excel for Mac. I will send you the results I got by email. I have the same problem. Can you please help me on this. When you select the AddIn option from the Tools menu, do you see RealStat and Solver on the list of addins with a check mark next to them?

I also see Solver on the list of addins with a check mark next to it. One user proposed double clicking on the file that contains the Real Statistics software to resolve these sort of issues. The usual reason for receiving this message is that the software has been downloaded but not installed. If the software is installed correctly, then when you select AddIns from the Tools menu, you should see RealStats and Solver on the list of add-ins with check marks next to them.

If not, you need to follow the installation instructions shown on the webpage Charles.

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I have the same problem with those above.. Oh, I just figured out and problem solved! I moved the downloaded excel file RealStats to the Addins folder and then it works! Addins folder is the one popped up when clicking the Browse… button.

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Hi I used the Excel version updated to but no installation nor version of the add-in work. Do you see the main menu when you press Ctrl-m or Command-m? When you select AddIns from the Tools menu do you see RealStats-Mac and Solver in the list of addins with a check mark next to each of them? Also, when I tried your example nothing happened. Thanks for any assistance. Ctrl-m does not work. I get an error message saying that either the name of the document does not exist or the document is used by another program or the name of the worksheet that should be saved is identical with a protected sheet.

I suggest that you start the installation process over from scratch. I downloaded Mac I have done add-ins.. Please advise. Philip, When you select the AddIns option of the Tools menu, do you also see Solver on the list of addins with a check mark next to it?

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Francious, You need to add the Solver capability to Excel. This is not a Real Statistics issue.

Samantha, I have never seen this sort of problem before. Please send me an Excel file with these results so that I can see what is going on. I have just installed Real Stats 5. I suggest that you uninstall Real Statistics and then reinstall the software. Does Solver appear on the list of addins when you choose AddIns from the Tools menu? Is Solver checked? I am experiencing the same issue. The Solver add-in is also checked.

Priyanka, Do you get the compile error when you use the Real Statistics Descriptive Statistics and Normality data analysis tool? I installed Real Statistics for Mac Excel and am getting the password prompt. What should I do? Could you help me out with that? When you choose AddIns from the Tools menu, you should see RealStats and Solver on the list of addins with check marks next to them.

Could you assist? Thank you. Simin, It is not sufficient to just download the software. You need to follow the Installation instructions on this webpage as well. Followed the instructions for MAC.

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Simin, Can you get access to the Real Statistics data analysis tools by pressing Control-m? I love this add-in. I use it to teach statistic to undergrad students. It worked for a while but then it suddenly stopped. It only shows the downwards arrow but nothing appears when you click on it. I tried to uninstall and re-install. I tried copying and pasting in another folder as well.

How to Add the Developer Tab to the Ribbon in Excel 2016 for Mac

Could it be an update on MS office? Any suggestions on how I can solve this? What seems to works for some people is the following procedure: 1. But if I close the workbook or quit Excel it will not work.

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So each time I have to disable the Add-In, then re-open the sheet, re-enable the Add-In, then it works. On my other Mac it works no problem. I hope this helps people that are having similar issues. Jonathan, Glad you like the software. When you select AddIns from the Tools menu, do you see Solver on the list of addins with a check mark next to it? I just got this working on my mac and i was trying to run a Binary Logistic regression and it returns a hidden error.

Does this function not work for Macs? Ryan, Binary logistic regression should work for a Mac. If you send me an Excel file with your data ans the output, I will try to figure out what happened. Please help me. Ammie, The usual reason for this error is that the installation process was not completed properly see Installation instructions. When you select the AddIns option from the Tools menu, do you see Realstats and Solver on the list of addins with a check mark next to each of them?

Thanks for sharing your work. Second, how do I cite your work in scientific publications? Thanks in advance for your answers Mat. Mat, 1. Regarding the request for a password, see Password Prompt 2. Regarding citation, see Citation Charles. For some reason the tool icon is not visible or accessible. Any help will be greatly appreciated.