Transfer to new mac hard drive

Posted: February 5. My client wanted to upgrade from OSX In the meantime, I could observe the effects of performing such a transplant. I installed the hard drive in the later iMac and booted up; not a problem in the world. The system performed perfectly.

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I ran many applications and performed a number of hardware-intensive operations without a single hiccup. Then I performed the High Sierra upgrade, using the installer file in the Applications folder to perform the upgrade.

It went as smooth as silk. Obviously, there are limits to this reasoning; this transfer was from iMac to iMac and within 4 years of each other. They both used the same graphics card, for example. But whether your two devices are compatible or not, there is a way to force the installation of the drivers and software appropriate to your destination machine. It is this:.

Moving to a new Mac? – How to transfer all your files without any fuss

The installer will poll the hardware on the device it is being installed on and will automatically select and install the appropriate drivers. Then choose your external-media installer, in order to boot from it, and allow the installer to install the drivers appropriate for the system hardware it discovers.

This procedure should work between almost any two mac devices, provided that they are both Intel-based devices or both PPC devices, for that matter and as long as the destination OS version is compatible with the destination device. Help Translate iFixit.

How To Restore Mac Files From Time Machine Backup - Macworld UK

Back Answers Index. Marshall Hyde Rep: 35 3 1. Would the new laptop start up as if it was the old laptop? The old drive is currently in an external drive housing and is working fine. View the answer I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers. Is this a good question?

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Yes No. You've spent a long time building your Contacts formerly Address Book list, so why aren't you backing it up? However, there is a way you can copy the contents of your Contacts app into a single file that you can move to another Mac or use as a backup.

Mac to Mac Transfer - Move Your Important Mac Data

If you use Apple's Calendar application formerly iCal , then you probably have a multitude of calendars and events to track. Do you maintain a backup of this important data? Time Machine doesn't count. Sure, Apple's Time Machine backs up your iCalendar application, but it's not easy to restore just your Calendar data from a Time Machine backup. Fortunately, Apple provides a simple solution to save your Calendars data, which you can then use as a backup.

The process isn't that different, but you are covered from OS X Time Machine will then have enough room to save a larger number of backups until it eventually fills up the available space on the new drive. The process requires you to format the new larger Time Machine drive, copy the old Time Machine backup folder to the new drive, and then inform Time Machine which drives to use for upcoming backups. There are number of options for this.

Using FireWire or ThunderBolt

If both Macs are running macOS Sierra or later, you can just place them next to each other and make sure WiFi is switched on both machines. Clever, huh? And any Firewire cable can be used to connect Firewire-to-Firewire. The old Mac will now mount as a disk volume on the new Mac. If you did, you can skip them.

Likewise, if you wanted to migrate from a Time Machine Backup or cloned drive, you would give these four steps a miss.

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If you choose to transfer them, the whole account will be transferred and a new account created with the same name. If you do, a new account will be created on the new Mac with the new name you provide. The transfer could take several hours, depending on how much data there is to copy, so go and make a coffee! The process of transferring files from a Time Machine backup is the same as described above, except that you can ignore all the steps that involve the old Mac.

On the next screen, choose the backup you want to migrate. The fewer files Migration Assistant has to transfer, the quicker it will be. It identifies files you can safely remove from your Mac, including system junk, unnecessary Photos files, and large and old files.