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There's no need to recreate a list of contacts when you can export them using Excel.

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If you have a list of email addresses in an Excel spreadsheet, you can import this into a Mac Address Book by converting the Excel file into a text-based Comma Separated Value file. Address Book can read these files and will help automate the import process. As long as the spreadsheet is well-organized, the entire process should only take a few minutes even if you have hundreds of email addresses to import.

Click "Save. Examine the worksheet. The first row should contain titles for each column. If this isn't there, insert a new first row by clicking the first cell A1 and then selecting "Row" from the Insert menu. Save the worksheet by selecting "Save" from the File menu.

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Launch Address Book on the Mac computer. All of the email addresses will be imported into this group. Select "Import" from the File menu. Look at the information in the left pane of the Address Book window. Each column header is paired with an Address Book entry. Click any Address book entry that is not accurately paired with a worksheet heading and change it to the entry you prefer.

For example, "Email other " may be paired with the email address. You can change this to "Email Work " or "Email Home " as desired. Ensure the "Ignore First Card" option is selected. In the Page Setup dialog box, in the Paper Size list, choose the option that matches the size of your envelope.

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In the Page Setup dialog box, double-click Untitled , and then type a name for your envelope. Enter your envelope's dimensions in the Width and Height boxes, and then choose OK. Choose OK to close the Envelope dialog box. On the Mailings tab, choose Select Recipients. In the Edit List Fields dialog box, Word automatically creates fields for some basic information, such as first name, last name, and address.

If you want to add a new field—for example, a message field—add it now, so you can fill in the field when you type the entry.

When all fields are set up as you want, choose Create to make a new list. In the Open Workbook dialog box, select the sheet you want to use, and then do one of the following:. Choose Filter Recipients to select the recipients you want to include. In the Query Options dialog box, next to List mail merge recipients by , choose Complete record.

In the list of contacts, select the contacts you want to include in the mail merge, and then choose OK. In the Query Options dialog box, under Apple Group Contacts , choose the group you want to include in the mail merge, and then choose OK.

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In the Header Record Delimiters dialog box, choose a field delimiter to separate each data field and a record delimiter to separate each data record, and then choose OK. In your document, click in the Drag fields into this box or type text box, and then click the text to remove it. On the Mailings tab, choose Insert Merge Field , and then choose the field you want to add.

Add and format the fields you want to be included on the envelope, and choose OK. To format fields, for example, include a space between the First and Last name fields and press Return to start a new line for the Address field. To sort your recipient list or remove recipients, on the Mailings tab, choose Filter Recipients , and then choose Sort Records or Filter Records.

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When you're done, choose OK. On the Mailings tab, choose Preview Results to see how the envelopes will look. To make additional formatting changes, choose Preview Results again, which lets you add or remove merge fields. When you're finished, on the File menu, choose Print to print the envelopes. On the Tools menu, choose Mail Merge Manager. Under 1.

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  • In the Return address box, type your address. At this point, you shouldn't type anything including spaces in the Delivery address box. If you can't type inside the Return address box, clear the Use my address check box, and then try again. Under Printing Options , confirm the correct print settings for your envelopes are selected.

    Under 2. Select Recipients List , choose Get List , and then select the source for the mailing list for example, an Excel spreadsheet or a Word document. Under 3. Insert Placeholders , choose Contacts. Drag a field name from the Contacts list for example, FirstName to the envelope's address box. In your main document, edit the envelope's address box to add spaces and carriage returns where you want them.

    To print your envelopes immediately, in Mail Merge Manager , under 6.

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    Complete Merge , choose Merge to Printer. To create a document that contains your merged envelopes that you can save, in Mail Merge Manager , under 6. Complete Merge , choose Merge to New Document.